Lectures and topics (tentative)

Robert Schlögl – Berlin, Germany
Questions from Chemistry for Electron Microscopy

Gianluigi Botton – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Electron-Matter Interaction I: Signals Carrying Chemical Information

Dangsheng Su – Shenyang, China
Electron-Matter Interaction II: Beam Damage and Structural Modification

Abhaya Datye – Albuquerque, USA
Particle-Support Interactions: Sintering, Segregation and Diffusion

Jakob B. Wagner – Kopenhagen, Denmark
Environmental TEM I: Principle, Performance, Limitation

Pratibha Gai – York, UK
Environmental TEM II: Applications in Heterogeneous Catalysis

Stig Helveg – Lyngby, Denmark
Gas Phase Induced Dynamics Studied in MEMS based TEM Nano-Reactors

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